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We as Eye Care Professionals have all become aware of the so called epidemic of myopia extending across the world. Not just in the Far East but also on our doorstep. In Europe and the USA there is a doubling of the incidence of myopia in children over the past decades. Many of these children becoming highly myopic and at risk of sight threatening complications associated with every increased Dioptre of Myopia.

Can we as Eye Care Specialists slow or stop Myopia? The evidence suggests the answer is ‘Yes’!

see also the Statement of Nick Dash and Pascal Blaser
1 %

Prevalence of myopia worldwide until 2050*

1 %
high myopia

With risks of eye diseases until 2050*

1 %
lower risk

by reducing the progression of 1 dioptre*

’Myopia.Care’ offers a scientific approach to support a clinical pathway for children and young adults at risk of myopia or myopia progression, their parents and eye care professionals.

Designed to limit the progression of myopia and its associated potential for sight threatening complications later in life.

The web-based utility ‘Myopia.Care’ uses predictive myopia risk calculators and a guideline of recommended strategies based on over 50 published, peer reviewed papers and journals.

The website has a PUBLIC facing presence linked to a PROFESSIONAL version restricted to Eye Care Professionals.

It all starts with the PUBLIC version that collects specific data to calculate a predictive ‘Myopia.Care Index’.

This creates a code and a ‘Find a Specialist’ locator.

The PROFESSIONAL website enables access to patients, up to date education and guidelines on treatment strategies.

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Developed by Eye Care Professionals for Eye Care Professionals.

The ‘PRO’ version of ’Myopia.Care’ gives support to clinicians, providing evidence to support a patient customised intervention program, utilising validated products and strategies, in an attempt to limit progressive Myopia.

Eye Care Professionals take up registration and complete ongoing education to become ‘Myopia.Care – Centres of Excellence’. This education provides practical and clinical support to optimise the success of patients.

’Myopia.Care’ is the collation of years of practical experience and constant review of published data from Scientific Journals.

It represents a collaboration of Global Key Opinion Leaders including co-founding Optometrists Nick Dash (UK) and Pascal Blaser (Switzerland), both having more than 10 years’ experience delivering Myopia Control Strategies to their patients.

’Myopia.Care’ was born out of the clinical need to react to the explosion of myopia in developed communities around the world.

This prevalence of myopia carries with it an exponential risk of sight threatening eye conditions. There is an overwhelming body of scientific evidence that suggests effective methods exist to reduce the pathogenesis of Myopic Eye Disease. Yet the majority of eye care professions fail to act appropriately due to the absence of a coherent message and availability of practical tools to provide a solution.

’Myopia.Care’ is a proactive & integrated approach. As a professional we are being challenged by questions such as,
  • Which patients are at risk?
  • When to start myopia control?
  • What to recommend?
  • How to communicate effectively?
  • How to implement?
  • How to protect?
Information of the PRO Version answers these questions and many more.
’Myopia.Care’ offers a scientific predictive calculator to target those at risk and validate an individual protocol to control myopic progression.

Offering guidance to the public, patient and professionals alike, drawing on constant review of scientific reports and peer review of best practice with products to support myopia control.

’Myopia.Care’ offers an holistic and generic approach to the patient to limit the damage from progressive high myopia.

’myopia.caretm’ offers practitioners a support structure by way of Continual Professional Development and inclusion through forums to keep up-to date with emerging science and technologies. Supporting clinical practice with education, patient information and inclusion as Centres of Excellence in Child Myopia and the appropriate referral of enquiries from the public.

’Myopia.Care’ is an innovative service to deliver Myopia Control as a ‘ONE STOP SHOP’ for parents, children, professionals and manufacturers alike.