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Myopia Care brings together professionals and parents to ensure the best possible care for children with Myopia. We understand the importance of early and qualified intervention – that’s why Myopia Care is the perfect platform for you!


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With more than 1400 members worldwide, Myopia.Care is the world’s largest network for myopia specialists. If you are a myopia management expert, register NOW for free on our website and make your practice visible!

As the incidence of myopia increases worldwide, with a
predicted prevalence of around 50% of the world’s population by 2050,
eyecare professionals likely will see an
uptick in visits from younger patients in need of diagnosis,
prognosis, and treatment. While some clinicians may have
sidestepped the myopia arena until now, they have a
unique opportunity to begin screening for and managing
this growing population of patients. Actively searching for
patients at risk for developing myopia and utilizing the
available spectacles, contact lenses, orthokeratology and
low dose atropine to effectively manage myopia is now
the standard of care, as noted by a number of professional




We support #MyopiaAwarenessWeek! #Myopia (also known as short sightedness) is a condition that can compromise #vision and may lead to #blindness. Children are more likely to develop myopia during their early development stages (pre-school to primary age), so has your child had their eyes checked recently? M.Sc. Vision Science and Business



Endlich ist es da, das erste deutschsprachige Handbuch für Myopie-Management. Auf insgesamt rund 200 Seiten, werden alle notwendigen theoretischen Informationen vermittelt, welche für die erfolgreiche Implementierung von Myopie-Management in die Praxis benötigt werden.

Autor: Max Aricochi, M.Sc. Vision Science and Business

Handbuch Myopie (Hardcover)


image by Review of Myopia Management

Can the onset of myopia be delayed with atropine?

Read article from Review of Myopia Management and find link to Study

Preventing Myopia Onset

A higher degree of #myopia means a greater risk of developing sight-threatening complications such as retinal detachment, glaucoma and myopia macular degeneration.

Be proactive! Get your child’s eyes checked and talk to your eye care professional today about reducing the risk of myopia.

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HOYA Vision Care has partnered with the International Myopia Institute (IMI) to support the organization’s effort to raise awareness of myopia and promote evidence-based myopia management

HOYA Vision Care and Haag-Streit Partner to Combat Myopia

HOYA Vision Care, a leader in optical technology innovation today announced a strategic partnership with Haag-Streit, a renowned manufacturer and provider of ophthalmic instruments and medical equipment, to help address the global rise of myopia in children.  The global sales and marketing agreement creates a preferred partnership between  HOYA Vision Care and Haag-Streit  to provide Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) with LENSTAR Myopia by HOYA  to provide diagnostics and treatment for myopia.

News from the IMI White Papers

The Impact of Myopia

Updates on global prevalence from 2000 to 2019. Costs and individual impact of myopia.

Das 1. Myopie Symposium 2021

als Hybrid Veranstaltung in Berlin

Samstag, 17.07. 2021
Spreespeicher Stralauer Allee 2, 10245 Berlin / Online
Symposium: 11 Uhr – ca. 15:30 Uhr 
Abendveranstaltung mit Gelegenheit zum kollegialen Austausch: 17:30 – 22:00 Uhr



Myopia Awareness Week 2021

Myopia.Care is supporting the Myopia Awareness Week, 24 – 30 May 2021, created by Brien Holden Vision Institute.



The researchers consider that it is not possible to predict the axial length based only on optometric data, such as the corneal radius of curvature and the spherical equivalent



Is diet a factor in myopia development? 

Stay healthy and outdoor for better vision.








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Expanding the range of treatments for myopia in children.
by Pauline Cho


Foto von Andrea Piacquadio von Pexels


Update and guidance on management of myopia. European Society of Ophthalmology in cooperation with International Myopia Institute


Children with first prescription before the age of 10 years showed the strongest progression and a significantly final Spherical Equivalent (SER). All children who developed SER ≤−3 D at 10 years were highly myopic as adults, children who had SER between −1.5 D and −3 D at 10 years had 46.0% risk of high myopia, and children with SER between −0.5 D and −1.5 D had 32.6% risk of high myopia.

New player for measuring eye length with myopia management software. The Lenstar is a well-known eye length measurement device and is now available with the Myopia Update.
MyopiaCare and Myappia inside.

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Wow!!! The Myopia Control Management group have passed the milestone of 1000 members

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Soft contact lenses for myopia control in children is safe. Clinical charts review of almost 1000 children over more than 2 years.

Direct link to study

Vivior – Objektive Messdaten zur Ermittlung der Risikofaktoren bei Myopie

Mit dem Vivior Monitor werden erstmalig individuelle Sehverhaltensdaten während einer mehrtägigen Tragezeit gewonnen.Darauf basierend können personalisierte Sehkorrekturlösungen umgesetzt werden. Aufgrund der objektiven Beurteilung der Verhaltensrisiken wird im Myopie Bericht eine persönliche und Algorithmus gestützte Verhaltensempfehlung für das Kind abgegeben. Mehr Informationen unter: 


Interesting podcast talk between Review of Myopia Management and the leader of the AAO Myopia task force.
Excited to see the white papers and cooperation of the international associations in ophthalmology.



Myopia.Care now available in Hebrew

Thanks to Oded Zvibach, BOptom, Optometrist, Professional Services Manager and Training, Crystal Optic Industries from Israel for the translation into Hebrew!

Instagram: @odedzvibach
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Efficacy in myopia control

By Noel A. Brennan, Youssef M.Toubouti, Xu Cheng, Mark A. Bullimore

No single method of treatment shows clear superiority with the best of orthokeratology, SMCLs, spectacles and atropine showing similar effect with some caveats.

Can Levodopa slows ocular growth in a dose dependent with a similar potency to atropine, a common inhibitor of ocular growth in humans? Study on chicks


Great summary about the myopia control study protocol, the control group, future strategies and the importance of education. From practitioners to researchers

Is late Sleeping a risk factor for myopia development?

Is optometry ready for myopia control? Education and other barriers to the treatment of myopia. by Saoirse McCrann, Ian Flitcroft,, James Loughman

This short film was shot entirely out of focus, demonstrating the impact of living life with reduced or impaired vision.

Second licensing of Bausch&Lomb this week for myopia therapy products. A new player enters the myopia

Bausch Health licenses Eyenovia’s new treatment option to reduce childhood myopia progression

Present a great panel of speakers on the topic of child myopia
Document important !
Recommandation officielle de l’Association française d’ophtalmologie sur le contrôle de la myopie
Téléchargement recommandé 
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Why CARE is important in care with myopic children 😉
Percent vs Absolut effective. 
By Noel A. Brennan

The Brilliant Futures programme from CooperVision Misight is now available in the UK

Kid Eye Myopia Lenses Glasses vision


4 x Myopie Management Live

Essilor announces the first data from the study of its new Stellest lens for myopia management.
More than 60% slow-down in myopia progression when compared to the control group wearing single vision lenses

Really good editorial written by Mark Bullimore in #ContactLens #Update on the recently published Blink Study by #University #Ohio

BLINK: Don’t Miss It

Mark Bullimore Editorial

The eye clinic here in #Lausanne has launched a new brochure and website with lots of information about #children’s #eyes.
Really well done with lots of information. Not only for those concerned 😉
Available in 4 languages 🇨🇭 🇮🇹 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇬🇧
About #myopia:

the eye of children

Just published Shared by @MarkBullimore

New study by the #Tübingen research team on #multifocal lenses and accommodation

Although we would like physical activities to be preventative of #myopia progression, this is currently not confirmed by #science.

New Blog article. Written by Amisha Pau about her take on Myopia Management on our blog