Partner Platform support to promote
your business and products

Supporting the product providers

Promote your product using MyopiaCare

MyopiaCare can help you, if you have products that fall into the categories of Myopia Management. Adding your products to the directory of recommended care plans will guide Eye Care Professionals to prescribe from your services. All products will need to verified as a design that is evidence based in its effectivity of correcting the vision needs of myopes. MyopiaCare offer promotion possibilities to launch new products to certified Eye Care Professionals worldwide.

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Build up Myopia Awareness

Increase the awareness using MyopiaCare

There are lots of ways of promoting products that offer the potential for Myopia Management. Distribution of MyopiaCare will need to fit the local eye care professions and public perceptions. It is important that the delivery of the service will be market specific. Existing and new channels of distribution and product awareness will afford opportunities to mutually grow businesses within the healthcare sector. Use our promotion materials to support your customers.

Brand Ambassadors

Join the international MyopiaCare Team!

Brand Ambassadors are country representatives that provide a professional perspective and support for Myopia Care. Assisting in public and professional forums, to enthusiastically promote the benefits of Myopia Care and the provision of service. The candidate will require a strong professional network (or is eager to build one!) in the eye-care industry – to spread myopiacare and broaden its recognition.

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