MyopiaCare offers three different types of Membership. For free membership, you have to register as a myopia expert. Membership is only available to eye care practicionners with proof of further training in myopia management.
With free membership, the public questionnaire and the optometric AI calculator can be used to analyze the risk of high myopia.
Pro Levels provide better visibility of your company as well as the use of Myappia and the eye growth curve graph. All data is stored under the patient record.

Register for free Myopia.Care membership

Locator Pro and MyoCalc Pro is only available via the website. It is not an APP and can not be downloaded.
A free 2 month trial period is offered (60 days refund). Afterwards a minimum yearly subscription can be purchased and will automatically renewed if not cancelled before expiry date. Sales and billing are made through Digistore24.

To use the pro versions, you need to be member of Get free membership. Your Product will be activated on pro sites within 72 hours. Check Free Public Version first.